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Why You Need More Muscle to Lose Body Fat

So what have muscles got to do with fat loss? Muscles are what help your body burn calories. Many times when people go on the traditional diet for each kilo lost 50% is actual fat loss, while the other 50% is lean muscle. So when you get on the scales to weigh yourself what you are seeing is not only a loss of fat – but a loss of muscle too.

Now we need muscle to burn fat – so if the person has actually lost lean muscle mass then it slows down their ability to effectively lose body fat. This is then the very reason statistics tell us that this same person will most likely put all the lost weight back on in the not so distant future.
When you lose muscle mass – the body can not burn calories. When you increase muscle mass your body will burn more fat.

Have you ever noticed how body builders never have an ounce of fat on them? Sure it is because of their diets etc – but the main reason is because they have so much lean muscle mass on their bodies that everything they eat is instantly burnt off – hence the reason for so little body fat.

Now having said this – you may be thinking you have to join a gym and workout to build your muscles right? No – this is not correct. All you need in conjunction with what you are already doing is a way to get rid of body fat while maintaining your lean muscle mass – and this is very possible to do.

Source by Liz Musolino

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