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Weight Loss Programs In Australia

Weight loss programs in Australia are featured in the media as never before. Lost 6 kg in the first week! Still eat food that you enjoy! 62% of Australians overweight! On radio and TV we are bombarded with advertisements concerning weight loss and warnings from the Australian Government about the health risks of being overweight or obese. Australia is now one of the fattest nations in the world!

But this is all very confusing. On one hand we are so proud of our sporting heroes eg. Rod Laver in Tennis, Greg Norman in Golf, Cathy Freeman in Athletics, Ian Thorpe in Swimming, John Eales in Rugby Union, Don Bradman in Cricket. But on the other hand we are now one of the fattest nations in the world!

The reasons are very simple:

1) Very little physical exercise– Huge numbers of young girls play Netball, huge numbers of young boys play football eg. Aussie Rules, Soccer, Rugby League or Rugby Union. However not many continue when they are older. Even in most jobs there is very little physical activity and of course most prefer to use the car rather than walk.

2) Eating too many take-away meals– McDonald's, Hungry Jacks, Pizza franchises are in almost every suburb of our capital cities and in most of our large towns. Within 5 minutes of my home in Brisbane there are several pizza shops and 2 McDonald's and a Hungry Jacks. They are cheap and convenient so they are very attractive especially for the busy working person. Unfortunately their food is loaded with fat and sugar.

3) Lack of nutritional value even in our natural foods ie. our fruit and vegetables and crops– Our soils are seriously deficient in minerals, our products are kept in storage too long, and to get to the markets they are transported vast distances. In Queensland for example bananas from northern Queensland must travel approximately 1600 kms to Brisbane which is the capital of Queensland. By the time the food reaches our stomachs it is deficient in vitamins and minerals.

The solutions are not so simple! It would seem to be simple. All we have to do is use up more calories than we take in. But there are so many weight loss programs in Australia to consider. Some doctors recommend surgery wherey they apply a band to the stomach to restrict its size. Many other so called solutions are being sold to us. Some are simply eating systems eg. high protein with little or no carb. Then you have the formed replacement meals. Some of these are simply protein shakes which may or may not be scientifically founded.

In choosing a program you must make sure that it has been developed by real scientific and medical research. If it involves decreasing your intake of vitamins and minerals your health may suffer. Some programs appear to be scientifically founded but they do not detail what the science is other than the short term weight loss results. Short term weight loss results are not a strong recommendation. Here in Australia we have just witnessed the disastrous results for the winners of one very popular television program. Those who won the competition by losing the most weight are now, within a short time, in the sad situation of being fatter than they ever were.

In summary, which program you choose, make sure it includes an increase of vitamin and mineral supplements and that the program has been developed by well qualified nutritional and medical scientists. Increase your physical activity. Finally and most importantly (which I have not mentioned yet) drink lots of water. Drink and shrink! Burn more calories than you take in and sometimes make some small changes to your lifestyle. You can do it!

Source by Terry S Mcgrath

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