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Weight Loss Programs – Do Any of Them Work?

The number of weight loss programs on the market today is huge, everything from fad diets and celebrity approved programs to the latest pills and diet shakes. All of us are aware that it's possible to lose weight by taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, but are there better or quicker ways? Can a weight loss program really be a shortcut to getting slimmer without having to exercise and change what you eat? In this article we will look at the options.

Dieting takes many forms, but most people at some point attempt to lose weight by going on a diet of one type or another. A diet can involve simply changing your diet slowly so that you eat more healthy foods and less fattening ones, or at the other extreme a diet can invelve following "crash" diet programs or celebrity endorsed plans which are commonly concentrate on eating just one food for a period of time, or special shakes or ingredients. Unfortunately crash and fad diets are not sustainable for any length of time, and so will fail in the end. Some people can lose weight for a short period if they restrict their diet in this way, but it is unhealthy long term and no-one ever sticks to such a plan, so any weight lost is put back on quickly.

Another form of weight loss program involves taking diet pills and medicines. There are now many companies selling so-called miracle pills or supplements, all claiming that their products will allow people to lose weight without making changes to their diet or exercising more. This type of product tends to fall into two categories, those which contain drugs which increase the consumption of calories in the body, and those which are ineffective and have no real benefit. Even those products which do contain active weight loss drugs should not be used simply to help healthy people lose weight, they are designed to be used only in situations where a doctor has determined a patient can not achieve weight loss in any other way, and are mean to be used as a last resort. There are numerous known side effects and health dangers associated with such drugs, and this is why only those who are dangerously obese should be prescribed weight loss drugs by qualified medical professionals.

In summary, the current fad for miracle diet pills and crash diets simply do not help people lose weight in the long term. Many of them do not work in the first place, some can actually be unhealthy and potentially dangerous, and those which do work are not sustainable over a long period of time.

There are however real weight loss programs which do work, and do help people lose weight sensibly, and often quite quickly. Such programs do however require some effort, adopting a reasonable exercise regime, and making some changes to diet and what foods are eaten. Sadly sensible programs like these are less popular than the "miracle" pills or crash bills because they do not claim miracle results, or that no effort is required, but the fact is they do work. People certainly will lose weight if they can find a sensible achievable weight loss program and stick to it for a period of time. And contrary to popular belief, to lose weight you do not have to start running for every day or eating unsuitable foods, the key is a professionally designed weight loss program which brings results over a period of time.

Source by Anne Girder

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