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Weight Loss Programs

When starting on your weight loss journey for a healthier life, you may consider joining a program. You have three options:

  • You can develop your own.
  • You can join an online program.
  • You can join a program in your local community.

Some online weight loss programs and local community programs may require a membership fee.

Create Your Own Weight Loss Program

It is not difficult to create your own program. It may take time and a bit of research but the program will be customized for you. You can work with your doctor or a nutritionist to set up a food plan.

You will need an exercise plan. There are a number of different types of exercise videos on the market. Some deal with specific age groups and health problems.

You should invest in a good cookbook based on the type of food plan you established. To stick to a  diet, you will need variety in your meals.

You should keep a journal. The journal should include when you eat and what you eat. You should also write down your feelings just before you eat and after you eat. You can extend the journal to be a diary, recording all of your feelings and activities. It can be a diet buddy. It will also give you clues as to what triggers your eating patterns.

Join an Online Weight Loss Program

If you have a busy schedule and are unable to squeeze in time to visit a local community weight loss center, an online program may work for you.

Some online programs require membership and there may be a monthly or annual fee. If you join a program that has pre-packaged food and nutritional supplements, you will have to pay extra for these.

Features of an online weight loss program include:

  • Healthy eating tips
  • Recipes for foods and drinks
  • Shopping tips
  • Exercise program
  • Message board or community forum
  • Free trial periods
  • Guaranteed results
  • Online journal

Join a Local Weight Loss Program

Spending an hour or so at a local program may be what you are looking for. Local programs such as Weight Watchers have weigh-ins, meet and greet, and speakers. You can get to know the people who are trying to lose weight. Some local community centers and community colleges sponsor programs. You will have to pay membership or per meeting fee. This type of program does not have pre-packaged foods to sell. You can exchange recipes and tips with other attendees. You may find a diet buddy.

You will get some of the same benefits from a local weight loss program as an online program.

  • Healthy eating tips
  • Recipes for food and drinks
  • Shopping tips
  • Exercise program (depending on the type of center)
  • Face-to-face meetings

In summary, a weight loss program will benefit you if you set realistic goals. You have to be committed to a positive lifestyle change.

Source by Sandra Rouse

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