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Weight Loss Program – Plan Yours in Just a Week From Now

Have you always wondered how to go about a weight loss program without wasting much of your time? If you have answered yes to this question, then this article is for you. In this article, I will show you how to program a steady plan to weight loss and also while doing it, how you can significantly increase your exercise forbearance.

I will show you how to get rid of the excess fat in your body without losing the healthy and lean muscles and other vital fluids in your body. I bet you do not want to miss this, do you?

As I keep saying to all my clients, any weight loss program that you follow follows your full attention and determination to succeed. So, never compromise with these two and also be prepared with both of your mind and your body.

Before you begin any of your weight loss programs, I advise you to check with your family doctor to be absolutely sure, so that you do not have any problems in carrying out these programs successfully.

Are you positive in your life?

Well, the reason I ask you this question is because losing weight is dependent as much on your positive attitude as on your focus and dedication.

Believe me, it is very easy to get impatient while achieving your weight loss goals because of not finding immediate results but if you look at the long term goals, you will realize that it is well worth your effort. Remember, you will get twice as much as you put in to it, always. So, just stick with your plan, you will get the results.

So, you now know what is important for you to get started. Now let's see how you can start a program in the next 7 days.

Before you carry out this routine, it is advised to stretch the muscles you will be using like the leg muscles, torso, arms. But do not overdo it. Do it in moderation. Find a level which is convenient to you, but not too comfortable.

Day 1: On the first day, just walk for thirty minutes. This walk should be steady and brisk. As soon as you finish walking, stretch your legs so that they get relaxed. You will see that all this takes less than an hour. Having taken action on your first day, you will feel satisfied with your first step to your ultimate goal of weight loss.

Day 2: After having practiced your legs by walking on your first day, it's time to workout your upper body. What this does is, it allows your strength to remain as it is without any dwindling effect to carry out the rest of your week's program.

Day 3: On the third day, jog for about 20 minutes. If you are a beginner and just starting out, I advise you to do a lower body workout in the morning or evening, whenever you have time.

Day 4: After your workout on day 3, a good rest is a must. However, do not misuse this rest and start to eat some junk food and waste time in watching TV, instead focusing on removing any negative things in your mind that might be causing you trouble.

Day 5: Begin with a twenty minute walk. Workout your lower body in 5 sessions and again take a twenty minute walk and finally end your day with another five sessions of lower body regimen.

Day 6: Spend this day doing exercises that have low impact on your body. By this, I mean exercises such as swimming. This is just an example, do not hesitate to try some new things that you may like.

Day 7: Spend the last day of the week with the ones that care about you. By this, I mean to take them out with you for a walk and just talk about your regimen and your goals and freshen up your mind and do not forget to follow your walk with a good upper body stretch.

So, you have successfully finished your first week. But do not relax though, because this is just the beginning. Whatever happens, just stay focused and stick to the above program and you will find that your weight loss goals are being achieved just as everyone around you are still talking about losing weight all the time, without doing what is necessary. Do not lose your heart, just keep going. You will have to remind yourself that weight loss program requires patience and look at it this way, your body will need the same amount of time to lose all the weight that it has earned as it took for it to gain it.

Source by Alex D Jones

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