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Weight Loss – Do the Miracle Diets Work?

It is one of the Great Mysteries of Life. One day you are slim, fit, healthy and gorgeous, and the next day (still gorgeous) but not quite so slim or fit. What happened?

Goodness knows. But, throw on a baggy t-shirt and the problem is fixed. Then maybe a slightly larger pair of jeans, or a skirt with an elasticated waist. The summer is always a nightmare but you can go from the bikini to an all-in-one and it really isn’t that bad.

But that big important dinner with the boss is coming up and your memory of the little black dress is completely different from reality. You have just got to admit that sucking in your stomach doesn’t work any more.

You vow to do something about it and start searching for That Amazing Diet that will not only lose you an embarrassing amount of weight, but will do it overnight! After all putting on the weight cost you no effort so why should losing it be any different?

And there are LOTS of diets, pills, fad and exercise regimes that promise the earth. Berries and a colon cleanse can work wonders in 30 days, maybe the South Beach diet, possibly an energetic run, a few weights, cardio – and the problem is solved.

And to be fair, some of the diets do work – but not for very long. The minute you stop dieting the pounds start creeping back on – and you can’t stay on the Grapefruit Diet for the rest of your life! By the way, did you know that a fat-free diet is more likely to make you gain weight than lose it?

It is a proven fact that the only way the weight will come off, and stay off, is if you lose it slowly. The results will then be beyond your wildest dreams, AND last for ever.

But, you have to find out which foods you should or shouldn’t eat, the best exercise regime, and then the best combination of everything that works for you.

That last part is SO important. What diet have you tried that asks what foods work best for you? That shows you the foods that work with your metabolism and not against it?

There is a solution. A diet that has a Metabolic Typing Test to determine exactly HOW you metabolize food and which foods are “fat burning” and which foods and “fat storing”. The results of this rest could be the “A-ha!” moment that changes your life forever.

Source by Jane Bowyer

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