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Top Weight Loss Diet of 2009 – The Best Fat Loss Diet of the New Year

Are you currently seeking out the top weight loss diet of 2009 so far? If so then I'm sure that the diet I plan to explain to you will be by far the best fat loss diet of the new year for you to experience. This diet I'm speaking of understands actually eating pretty much what you would normally eat and actually encourages eating to help make it work, although in a very specific way. The best weight loss diet of 2009 without a doubt is the calorie shifting diet.

So what can I expect from the calorie shifting diet?

The main objective of the calorie shifting diet is to have you eat, but specific food groups at certain times of the day so your body can maximize its ability to burn them off at that time. For example you may eat fat at lunch on Wednesday but on Thursday you only eat fat at breakfast and have carbs at lunch etc. It basically confuses your body so it can never adapt to your eating pattern and as a result your metabolism does not know when to slow down so it continues to go ahead at full pace. The overall goal is to essentially prevent your body from ever resting its metabolism, so you effectively gain a metabolic rate equivalent to your maximum daily level at all times.

What about when I come off the diet?

The best part about this diet is that it has proven to be the top weight loss diet of 2009 for good reason it can actually keep the weight off for good. You see when you confuse your metabolism in the way that calorie shifting does you effectively force your body to keep its metabolism going at full tilt, even when you finish. This effect even carries over when you go back to your old eating habits. However its recommended that you return to the diet again for a brief period of time to maintain your elevated metabolism, thankfully this is easily done since the diet is so easy to follow and does not limit you in the way other diets do.

Source by Rachel Archer

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