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The Weight Loss Challenge

Since the last quarter of the 20th century, the prevalence of obesity has increased sharply for both adults and children. Current studies reveal increases from 15 to over 30 percent of our current population as being obese. For children aged 2 to 5 years of age, the obesity prevalence increased from 5 to 14 percent; for those 6 to 11, there was an increase from 6.5 to over 18 percent; and those 12 to 19, obesity prevalence increased from 5 to 17 percent. Obesity begins at the home where the adult leaders teach and nurture unhealthy lifelong habits. Our society reinforces the behavior with advertising and an abundant supply of unhealthy foods. These worsening statistics prove that we need better education and guidance on the importance of healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

So unfortunately, if you are living in the developed world, you will more than likely need some help and direction with your weight control. There is a strong need for safe dieting and lifestyle restructuring. To start, you need to ask yourself some simple Yes or No questions:

Are you:




Plagued with:

Weak Concentration?

Low Self Confidence?

Poor Health?

Poor Sex Life?

If the answer is YES, then a well-rounded healthy diet plan is just what your physician should be ordering. No more pills or unnecessary alternative medical treatments like the ones you see on television. You don’t need a miracle bowel cleanse. You don’t need a revolutionary diet-modifying drug.

Do you have any of the problems listed above? Do you have trouble with your weight? Are you just looking to shed a couple of pounds? Have you tried one or more diets without long-term success? You aren’t alone, but one among the millions of others around the world who feel a sense of hopelessness when it comes to dieting and personal health.

The dieting industry currently yields tens of billions of dollars a year. Most claims are to help you lose weight very quickly; however, read any of the fine print under the promotional pictures of the models and you will start to see the little slogan “Results not Typical.” Well, what are the typical results for dieters? For starters, 90 to 99 percent of people regain the weight and then some! Many chronic dieters spend over ten thousand dollars on dieting products during their lifetimes. Wouldn’t it be nice to use that money for an investment, vacation, or that special something you’ve always wanted? Of course it would.

There is a serious problem in America and with most of the developed world right now. That problem is customer demand fueling the food and drug corporations. Do you think they care if you are fat or thin? Maybe the individuals working in those corporations want the best for their fellow citizens, but the truth is that these corporations are in business to make a profit. What sells better? A bland tasting super healthy burger, or a juicy, fatty, scrumptious one deep fried, covered in condiments, and wrapped in sugar dough? Most will vouch for the latter.

Like the fast-food industry, the sit down restaurants are seldom better. Let’s face it; our brains and bodies LOVE refined sugars and juicy fats. Therefore, the chefs and food creators at the various establishments are pushed to create that feeling of ecstasy in your mouth with these two main ingredients. And they should. You are paying them good money to make the best tasting food you’ve ever put in your mouth. Furthermore, do you see many restaurant reviews on the nutritional or personal health benefits gained from eating there? Of course not, and the restaurants should not be forced to do so. However, it’s always nice to see healthy alternatives on the menus as well as nutritional disclosure about the meals served.

Bottom line, you’ve probably tried several diets without success. You have more than likely experienced part or all of the “diet cycle.” The diet cycle starts when you decide to start a diet plan or product. Then, social, mental, or family pressures and roadblocks develop and you fail. You become frustrated and depressed with your failure, which leads to a return of old habits and additional weight gain. The cycle will repeat itself, again and again, if you do not adequately prepare for success and make the necessary changes in your life sustainable to break it.

You can get out of this continuous downward sequence. You can start to reverse some of the damage you’ve already caused your body. You can start to promote a healthier future for you and your family. It starts with the incorporation of a healthy diet and lifestyle plan. Avoid the fads and special products, and get in touch with an weight loss expert to direct you towards success.

Source by Brent Harris, M.D.

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