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Getting Sober: Taking the First Step

Deciding that you no longer want to drink alcohol will allow you to take the first step to change your life. Quitting alcohol is something that every alcoholic wants to do. Although the want is there, the strength to actually stop is lacking. The addiction to drinking alcohol may be strong but it can be beaten and millions of people have done it. The effects of alcoholism can be devastating not only to a person’s health but also to his family and work life.

There are ways that could be undertaken to stop drinking alcohol. Although alcoholism is never easy to fight against, following these steps will allow one to have the resolve to stop drinking alcohol. This guide is realistic and quite reasonable making it an effective tool for an alcoholic to be able to quit the bottle. Taking the steps to being sober will always be a challenge and getting to your goals will require strength of one’s conviction. But in time, the goal will be reached and the person will have changed his life for the better.

Here is how to stop being an alcoholic:

Believing in one’s self. Believing in yourself is the most important thing in your journey to change. Yes, owning to yourself that you have a drinking problem is a step to change but hand in hand to this is the will and the self belief that you also have the strength to quit being an alcoholic. It is vital to tell one’s self that you are strong and determined to change your life for the better. Keep telling yourself that you can stop, that you can change and keep doing this every day. By believing in yourself, you are able to find that you have the power to make your life better.

Next ask yourself why you choose to drink. Know what kind of drinker you are like if you are a social drinker. A closet drinker or one that does not show that he is an alcoholic? Or are you an alcohol addict who drinks every night with buddies. Determining this will let you know for yourself which circumstances to avoid and help you get away from alcohol.

Put down the good effects of being sober. Think about what it does to your helath. Contemplate about how this will affect your family. Always read your list every day and remind yourself that you are doing all what it takes to stop drinking.

Every day think about the changes and the good things that have happened because you have said no to the bottle. Think about all the good quitting has brought and what it took to get you there.

It is also a must to remember the bad things. Remind yourself how life was when you depended on alcohol. Remember all the time how much alcohol made you feel awful. Distance yourself from other alcoholics who do not want to change themselves.

Go and do other stuff from what you normally do. Having something else to replace the drinking sessions helps. It is much better to exercise or spend time with your family rather than going out for drinks. Find the time to know yourself more and the things that make you happy.

Quitting alcohol is challenging. But then, with the will to follow these steps, you can live an alcohol free life.

Source: http://www.zonehealthandfitness.co.uk/staying-healthy-once-you-move-out-of-your-parents-home/

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