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The Key to Rapid Fat Loss Is Avoiding Additives

I've been trying to knock some of the common myths about weight loss out of your head and today I've got a huge secret to tell you.

There's one simple thing that's keeping you from the rapid weight loss you're capable of. It's a secret ingredient that's in many of the foods we eat – additives.

What Are Food Additives?

Although additives seem like a new threat to your health, they've been used by people for centuries. Additives are used for lots of different purposes. They're used to keep food edit when stored a long time. They allow you to eat certain food items in any season. They make food look better, taste better, and sometimes healthier for you.

Not all ads are bad for you. In fact, they can even be good for you. The bad ones I'm talking about are certain food additives that are very common and lead to weight gain.


Antibiotics are found in lots of food items and especially dairy. In fact, unless you're buying organic dairy products, you're probably consuming them.

These additives kill bacteria. The problem is that they also kill good bacteria that keeps your stomach and digestive tract clean. The result is bloating and weight gain.

Usually, products that are free of antibiotics will tell you that on their packaging. Unfortunately they also cost a bit more, but it's well worth the price. You can also check manufacturers' websites for more detailed information.


You probably remember all the controversies surrounding MSG a few years ago. MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is an amino acid added to foods to enhance the flavor. Folks said that this common ingredient used in Chinese food has caused headaches and caused all kinds of other health problems.

The truth is that MSG is found in all kinds of food, not just Asian cooking, and it does not cause all sorts of weird health problems, but it does make you fat. Recent studies have shown that it increases appetite in rats and it may do the same in humans.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

I saved the best for last. High fructose corn syrup (HGCS) is a man-made sweetener that's even sweeter than sugar! Now, that's pretty sweet and it does not come without a health cost.

Unlike real sugar, this sweetener is highly processed and your body reacts differently to it. Rather than turning into energy, it's much more likely to turn into fat. It also raises your risk of diabetes and other health problems.

And guess where you find it? Soda. If there's one thing I hope you're getting from this series, it's that you have to put down the sweet, fizzy soft drinks! It's also found in lots of processed packaged foods and snacks.

Look for these ingredients on labels as you shop. In fact, learning to read nutrition labels is the single greatest thing you can do for your health. Become a savvy shopper.

Source by Madison Hall

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