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The Key Elements of Great Fitness

The Key Elements of Great Fitness 1Bigger, Faster, and Stronger? Top Benefits of Testosterone Testosterone is a type of male hormone that is primarily generated in the cells present in the testicles, namely the Leydig cells. This hormone is essential to the development of the male’s secondary characteristics. The production of testosterone is increased during puberty particularly adolescence and initial adulthood. And after that, the level of testosterone will fall below the normal level. Testosterone has an important role in the development of strong bones and muscle mass. And also, it is important in the development of deeper voices in men and their sexual urge. Hypogonadism is a condition wherein men has abnormally low testosterone levels. Keep in mind that women also have testosterone but only in minimal amounts. In women, it is the ovaries and adrenal glands that generate testosterone.
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1. Hale and hearty heart and blood
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A healthy heart is capable of pumping blood efficiently to the rest of your body and thereby, making nutrients and oxygen available to the organs and muscles for them to perform their usual functions. Decreasing levels of testosterone is normally linked to a number of cardiovascular risks. The professors from Harvard Medical School have said that testosterone replacement therapy can enlarge the coronary arteries. This is beneficial for men who are experiencing angina pectoris, chest pain, and pressure you experience when the heart is insufficient of blood. 2. More muscles, lesser fats A lean body mass is able to improve energy even more and control weight. Evidences were made that testosterone is able to improve both muscle size and strength as well as decrease fat. You will double or even triple the effects if you accompany it with proper training and regular exercise. 3. Enhanced bone growth and development Having strong bones is important in order to have a good support for your internal organs and muscles, it can also improve athletic performance. As men grow older, the testosterone level goes down, as well as the bone density. This awfully enhanced the possibility of developing osteoporosis and weak bones. 4. Improved libido It is definite that during sexual intercourse, there is an increasing level of testosterone. Level of testosterone is at its lowest when the male is not having a sexual intercourse for a long time. Consecutively, more testosterone increase sexual desire, thus, continuing the sexual activity. Testosterone is also capable of improving the sexual drive of women. However, the number of studies that were done for this subject matter is not adequate enough. And so, a lot of physicians are reluctant enough to prescribed testosterone therapy to women. And it is because that adverse effects may be grave enough to put the health of the female users at risk. Take into consideration that it is important for your to consult your doctor first before you consider having testosterone replacement therapy.

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