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The Cutting Edge of Mixology With The Use of the Volcano Vaporizer

The art and skill of making drinks is known as mixology. Bartending has always been a competitive field to create the newest cocktail combined with the highest level of entertainment in service. One of the ways that bartenders are reaching greater levels of cocktail flavors is through the use of the Volcano vaporizer. This vaporizer uses a wide range of heat settings to draw moisture from various ingredients such as spices, herbs, or plants to create aromas to infuse cocktails. The prospect of thinking outside of the box to come up with new and exciting flavors for basic cocktails can be done with the use of this vaporizer.
Using this vaporizer has the distinct advantage of using an aroma for flavor rather than mixing in the actual ingredient that can possibly leave behind and unpleasant taste or texture. There is also the advantage of avoiding the use of extra caloric sugar liqueurs by accomplishing the same level of taste with aroma alone. The vaporizer can allow bartenders to successfully experiment with combining aromas with everyday drinks to reach a heightened sense of taste and smell to further enjoy each cocktail. This can easily raise the skills of any bartender to please patrons and differentiate their services from any other competitor
The volcano vaporizer utilizes the created aromas to enhance the sense of smell to add flavor elements to any cocktail that would normally not be experienced with taste alone. The vaporizer has an attached hose and pillow that are both used to process aromas to be used in combination with the alcohol mixture to create new and exciting flavors. The hose can be dipped in a cocktail as many times as needed or held above a drink until the perfect level of aroma is reached to create the ideal combination of vapor and liquid for the perfect drink. Bartenders can continuously experiment with the vaporizer to be innovative behind the bar to serve a variety of exciting new cocktail combinations. The Volcano vaporizer is one of the most useful tools that bartenders can take advantage of to reach a whole new level of recognition regarding creativity in developing exceptional cocktails that can redefine the standards of mixology. 

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