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The Best Approach on Exercising to Lose Weight

There are numerous approaches today with regards to exercising to lose weight. Although most people get results by simply signing in for a gym or taking a walk every day, this does not really provide optimum weight loss. What individuals should understand is that losing body fat hinders on a very basic formula. Once they understand that formula, it's possible for them to squeeze out every ounce of fat from the body without risking their health.

The Weight Loss Formula

The formula is easy enough to understand. For example, a person eats a total amount of 1000 calories for the whole day. At the same time, he manages to exercise and essentially burn off 500 calories. This means that 500 calories were not converted to energy and will therefore be stored in the body as fat.

However, if the same person eats 1000 calories and burns off 1500 calories, then they have used all the energy they have for that day. As a resort, the body will withdraw power from its "bank" or the stored body fat. When done on a daily basis for a long period of time, individuals would basically start losing weight and gaining the body they desire.

Resting Metabolic Rate and Active Metabolic Rate

These three terms are also important factors when it comes to exercising to lose weight. See, it's not necessary for an individual to actively exercise in order to burn off fat. There is such as a thing as RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate. This reflects to the amount of calories a person burns during the day, even if they are not physically active. The Resting Metabolic Rate can be factored in when figuring out how much calories a person need to eat and exercise off within the day. For example, if a person eats 1000-worth of calories for a day and their RMR at 300 calories, this means that they need to exercise off more than 700 calories in order to lose weight.

The Active Metabolic Rate on the other hand refers to the amount of calories a person will burn by performing specific exercises within a specific span of time. Since they are lots of exercises today, there are lots of options for this. Luckily, the internet is filled with Active Metabolic Rate calculators dedicated to walking, running and other workout types. Each one takes into account the intensity of the exercise and how long it was done. Resting Metabolic Rate also has a calculator available through the internet.

Of course, the math is not always this straightforward. A more comprehensive approach to weight loss may be necessary especially under special circumstances. As much as possible, individuals are advised to find out the different numbers that indicate their standing with regards to weight loss. Some of these factors include their current Body Mass Index, their target Body Mass Index, how much time they need to lose weight and what kind of exercises they will be using.

What to Remember

Keep in mind that exercising to lose weight may be effective, but this is not the only element when determining basal metabolic rate, active metabolic rate and other factors. Individuals must also take into account how much they eat and what they eat. The best way to start losing weight is to control both factors – the calories coming in and the calories coming out. Also, do not forget to harvest calories only from healthy food types such as fruits and vegetables. This way, there will be an abundance of vitamins and minerals to keep a person going.

Source by Michael Johny Goodman

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