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The Belly Fat Loss Secret – 8 Tips to Losing Weight Fast and Healthy

Weight loss is something everyone has on mind this time of year, with the hundreds of thousands of summer beaches coming to the front of our minds. And with all of those thoughts come the desire for results – fast and easy. These steps detailed below helped me to lose 10 pounds in one week.

Please remember that when you lose weight too quickly it can have serious repercussions for years to come. Do not try to focus or make these tips any more extreme then they already are, it is never a good idea.

Proceeding with caution, let’s take a look at these tips:

1) First and foremost, a day of detox was in order. Many studies have shown that the cleansing of the body will help lose weight even faster, not to mention being good for your body and your mind. I created a beverage of water mixed with ginger, honey and lemon juice. I drank this during the day. When I was hungry, I just made one and drank it. It certainly didn’t make me sick – I went about my day as normal. It wasn’t hard in the slightest, and I’m positive it aided my weight loss as a result. I’ve heard some people doing this for a whole week, but I didn’t think that was necessary for me. Nor could I have stuck with it, I’m sure!

2) Food limitation is of course the next part of our list. When I really need to lose the weight, I have to watch what I eat. With plenty of things like vegetables, eggs, fish, lean meat and some fruits (can be anything from apples to oranges though I prefer oranges) you’re on the right track. If anything is important to your success it is without a doubt what you eat. I made rules for myself, such as having half the plate be vegetables (watching the potato), ¼ of the plate being a white meat or a fish and the final fourth being fruit. I recommend avoiding bananas though as they are filled with starch and far too sweet. I am well aware that eating less cannot always be an option for some people on their weight loss journey. But for the fastest and quickest form of weight loss, it is one of the important things to take in to account and I definitely did. Even having a smaller plate that I filled up (instead of the larger half empty plate) helped, but it was not easy, I admit. Reaching my goal was more then enough reward however. Don’t forget: Nothings tastes as good as thin feels.

3) Here is a trick I rarely if ever see diets mention. The great food source of apples and beans. Now, bear with me. If you add two apples and one can of black beans (not re fried of course) the fibers can drastically improve digestion and make your digestive tract clean and healthy. You can have these as a meal themselves with a veggie side or split them in to meals, and don’t forget to do this every day. They add up to about 35 grams of fiber, and having that daily will truly put you on the fast track to weight loss.

4) This might seem like common sense but it is astounding how many people forget to eat a proper breakfast. Better yet, don’t eat at night! If you eat past 7pm, your body slows down its metabolism. If you eat early, the opposite happens. A proper breakfast will keep you ready and energetic for the day, and drinking lots of water throughout will cleanse your body, increase metabolism and keeps you from getting too hungry too often. Nice, eh?

5) Calorie distribution is pivotal. Eating small meals more often leaves you without hunger. Instead of eating 3 meals, try 5 spaced out meals. This boosts your metabolism by having a steady rate of digestion.

6) An oldie but a goodie here. Limiting our fat and unhealthy foods is the simplest and seemingly the hardest part of the job. If you do HAVE to eat something, move it to the front of the day. Eating ice cream or a donut in the morning won’t kill you but it certainly won’t help. Keep those splurges to a minimum.

7) Don’t drink juice. This should be another popular one, but the ridiculous sugar content of juice these days is, well, ridiculous. Eat fresh fruit instead and get some water or unsweetened green tea.

8) Attitude is everything. Keep yourself motivated and busy all the time. It may be a simple fact of life, but when you’re busy you rarely make trips to the kitchen. This will work wonders, I promise you.

Some parts of this plan might sound too simple for you to end up losing 10 pounds in a week – but if you follow this setup like the creed of your life, you will absolutely see results.

If you would like to know some of my best tips, most of which I didn’t even mention, to help lose even more weight on your first week, make sure you watch the Free Video and check out the Free Guide on my website.

WARNING: Burning belly fat and losing 10 pounds in one week is only for those who are SERIOUS about their weight loss and getting in shape. If this is not you, then don’t take that first step. But if you are ready to change your life, body and health for the better, click below.

Source by Matthew B Burns

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