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How Music Can Be Beneficial During Meditation

Most people who have not tried yoga or meditation think that it’s not easy to do. Maybe these people were discouraged about mediation when they saw women wearing leotards performing difficult body postures. Fortunately, the actual meditation can be easier than that.

Performing yoga or meditation can be of different forms. Different types of yoga have different focus and aim, such as some yoga are more in the physical body while some are more spiritual and mental in nature. Therefore, the body twisting and bending that we see on pictures is just a type of yoga and if you can’t do it, then you can find other types that will suit to you. So, if a certain meditation does not suit for you, don’t force yourself to do it and find one that you think is more doable.

Music is one of the best aid so that performing yoga will be easy and comfortable. The new age music has become one of the most used music during meditation. There are other types of music that are used during meditation that varies from textures, rhythm, etc. If you are going on your fist session of yoga, it’s recommended that you select an atmospheric but not the busy type of music. The purpose for this is to put you in a relaxed and calm mode and to limit distractions that could put your mind off from your meditation.

The common ways to start meditation is to sit a chair and have the hands face up or down, whichever the individual prefers. During mediation, you can light candles and/or you can put an incense because it is an aid to make the meditation more spiritual. For music, you may use a headphone if the nearby areas are very noisy, so that you can stay focus and calm. Once the music started, free your mind from any thoughts that can take away your focus from your meditation. One way to help you become more focus is to close your eyes. After you are ready while the music is playing, you can do different breathing techniques. First, breath deeply and hold your breath for several seconds. After that, calmly release your breath, and repeat the process. While you’re doing the same steps, you should ensure that you’re on focus. Other ways to help your meditation more spiritual is to utter words as you breath out. You can utter words such as God, peace, or other words that you prefer.

Try doing this method as necessary. After all, this isn’t as difficult as you thought it is, and you don’t have to enroll to yoga classes and you can be your own yoga teacher.

Source: meditative music

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