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Successful Weight Loss Habits

How many times have you tested to lose weight without success? Do you feel like everyone else is able to follow a diet or weight loss program except you?
You are not alone!

It's extremely challenging to maintain weight loss – complex diets and programs only add to confusion and failure. However, some people do manage to achieve their weight loss and weight maintenance goals … but why do some succeed while others fail?

# 1 Awareness

Pay attention to everything you eat! People often turn to food when they are bored or stressed. Ask yourself:

– Why are you heading to the kitchen?
– Are truly hungry, or are you just bored, stressed, sad or tired?

Emotional eating can quickly destroy the best weight loss program. Keeping a daily food log that also includes how you are feeling can help you recognize emotions that trigger unnecessary eating, monitor your food intake, and hold yourself accountable.

It's important to know your weight. While you should never become obsessive about weight, people who maintain their fat loss do so by keeping period tabs on the scale. Weighing yourself at least once per week is ideal. By doing so, you can regonize missteps in your weight loss plan and correct them.

# 2 Cut Out the TV

Sitting in front of a TV is almost completely sedentary. You burn very few calories, but often eat snacks as you sit there. It is easy to overindulge on unhealthy snacks while distracted by the TV.

# 3 Regular Exercise

Fitness is key to successful weight loss. Regular exercise burns calories, but it also creates a routine that supports a healthy lifestyle and provides incentive to continue healthy eating habits.

# 4 Portion Control

Being unable to accurately measure food portions is a major problem with many people. Restaurants, fast food, and commercials have overinflated portion sizes an encourage overindulgence. Teach yourself to control portions by learning to read nutrition labels, carefully measuring out servings, eating only a single helping, and using smaller dishes.

Adopt these simple habits into your daily life and you will become one of the weight loss and maintenance success stories!

Source by Matt Anich

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