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Shift Work and Weight Loss – How Stress Can Make You Fat

If you're someone that constantly struggles with shift work and weight loss then you're not alone. Considering the type of hours and irregular eating patterns that shift workers develop, it is no wonder that most struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

Now the good news is that there is a solution and it's probably something that you have not thought of before – and you can breathe a sigh of relief because it's not another diet. Just mentioning the word diet "can send most people into a tail spin … the thought of having to deprive yourself of certain foods is only going to set yourself up for failure before you even begin. about dieting, shift work and weight loss and instead, concentrate on reducing your stress!

Confused? What has stress got to do with weight loss?

Well according to Yuri Elkaim, author of 'Eating for Energy' and Holistic Nutritionist – when we feel stressed our bodies produce acid – and a lot of it. If our body has too much acid it then stores this acid in our fat cells to keep it a safe distance away from our organs. Now this is a good thing because if acid comes into contact with one of your organs, it can eat holes in the tissue – yikes !! That is not good.

It's not until you start reducing the acidity in your blood will your body then begin to realize that it no longer needs as much fat to store it – and this is good! Consider the example of a woman who is obsessed with losing weight. It's all she thinks about. Do you think that might create some unneeded stress?

Unfortunately the media has certainly skewed the way many people see themselves. Fashion magazines picture the "perfect" body as a stick figure so more and more people stress, (both men and women) about how their body should look. chances of losing weight.

Now this is critical to understand if you work shift work and hope to lose weight. You see, you can exercise all you like and will your way to a leaner body, but if you do nothing to reduce the acid in your body (aka stress), your attempts to lose weight will be in vain!

So your lesson here is to forget about going on another diet and trying to achieve the "perfect figure". Be proud of your body, stop stressing about it and eat a well balanced diet. Then, and only then will your waist line begin to plummet.

Source by Audra Starkey

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