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Sex For Weight Loss & Fat Burn – Overview on Sex & Calorie Burn Rate

Burning calories during sex is the best way to shed those extra pounds. Wight loss during lovemaking is quite a pleasurable experience. High intensity sex, which lasts for more than 30 minutes, can burn more than 150 calories. Lovemaking revitalizes your entire body. All your muscles get rejuvenated and it also enhances your psychological health. There are various types of sex for weight loss. Trying different positions is the mantra for gaining more momentum and making the whole process more engaging.

Overview On Sex & Calorie Burn Rate

– It's very important to know the various aspects of lovemaking. Sex for weight loss is all about experimentation. Lets' look at the various steps during a lovemaking session to know the sex and calorie burn rate.

– There are various factors responsible in burning more fats such the state of insertion, organ size, postures, place, noises, orgasm rate and the aftermath.

– If your partner is not ready while you are ready then the possibility of foreplay is obvious which will generate extra fat burning than a direct insertion. A good lovemaking session always begins with a prolonged foreplay.

– Secondly, intercourse and calorie burn rate is higher if the organ size is not oversized. A normal sized and shaped organ always produces larger calories burn rate.

– Sex for weight loss depends very much on sexual postures. Tough styles like wheelbarrow and lotus can stimulate more calorie burning. Regular position like missionary can also burn decent amount of calories up to 150.

– The amount of noises made during lovemaking can burn more calories during sex. Urgent begging and screaming burns around 18 calories.

– The satisfaction levels also decide the amount of calorie burning. A satisfied partner will have higher sex and calories burn rate.

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