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Mark Ahn Continues as a Leader in His Field and It’s Simple to Grasp Why

Mark Ahn possesses a long track record in the pharmaceutical industry, doing work in several areas to better the lives of individuals. He began his personal profession at Chamindade University, where he obtained a B.A. as well as a M.B.A. before moving on to Victoria University the place where Mark Ahn earned an M.A. To better support his selected profession, Mr. Ahn spent time at Essex University as a graduate fellow in the field of Economics before moving to the University of South Australia which is where Mark Ahn gained the identity of Mark J. Ahn Ph.D. Upon finishing his education, Mr. Ahn continues to be active. Not only has he authored in excess of 50 peer reviewed publications in addition to journal articles, he’s likewise retained jobs of authority in a range of top firms. He has done work for major corporations including Bristol-Myers Squibb and Amgen prior to being dubbed Genentech, Inc.’s Vice President, Hematology as well as corporate officer. On departing Genentech, Mr. Ahn helped launch Hana Biosciences where he happily served as President and Chief Executive Officer. Then he moved to Pukana Partners, Ltd. where he operated as a Principal. This corporation provides strategic advice to organizations in the life science sector. Ahn’s recent work was with Galena, and Mr. Ahn also has functioned to share his personal insight with other people, acting as Victoria University’s Professor and Chair, Science and Technology as well as Williamette University Atkinson Graduate School of Management’s associate professor of Global Management. It is no wonder many think of him a pacesetter within his industry.

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