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Low Calories Burn Fat – A Fast Weight Loss Program to Lose Weight and Tone Muscles

Low calories burn fat; and there are hundreds of fast weight loss programs to lose weight and tone muscles. With the breakthroughs in science, man "discovered" the calorie and the never ending task of tabulating numbers, keeping records, and avoiding large portions began. However, the dieter did not know how many calories he or she required in a day, so in hopes of losing fat, and with little knowledge, he or she saved to a method that is still prevalent today.

That method is, "If you are not sure how many calories you should be eating to lose weight, just take the conservative route, and eat less." For many, the magical number 1000 seemed to be low enough to work, and many who follow the diet that yielded only 1000 calories a day lost weight.

Many who chose the 1000 calories a day approach soon discovered what scientists would prove many years later, the dreaded dieting plateau. Science has shown that when calories are restricted, the body compensates by obtaining energy from stored body fat. But, as calories remain low for an extended period of time, the body makes another adaptive response.

With prolonged caloric restriction, or with severe caloric restriction, the body will begin to conserve calories. Over time, the 1000 calorie approach fails because the body, not wanting to die as happens in a severe and long fast, but having enough calories to survive, will make the most out of those 1000 calories by radically slowing down the rate at which it burns those 1000 calories. The result is that fat is lost on a very low-calorie approach, but the diet extremely quales to work like it did in the beginning.

Early research into metabolism and nutrition revealed many physiological understandings that dieters try to use to enable them to lose fat. From day one, dieters have realized that eating less leads to weight loss. However, astute dieters realized the limitations of the 1000 calorie diet.

Research began to prove that with caloric restriction, body protein (specifically in the form of muscle mass) was also being along along with body fat. To combat this, dieters put a simple twist to the 1000 calorie diet. They ate all their calories from protein foods.

The idea was simple. Count calories and limit the total to 1000, but eat only protein foods. The 1000 calories is low enough to cause the body to shed fat, while eating more protein would prevent the body from using muscle as fuel.

The mindset with simple. Flood the body with extra protein foods like meats, cheese, pork, hamburger, and chicken, but limit the caloric intake. The extra protein will keep the body from tapping muscle as fuel since it has the raw material or proteins it needs in the foods. This worked better than fasting, but it lacked variety and was just too difficult to maintain even for those who have the greatest willpower.

Source by Jack Landry

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