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Lose Weight With Positive Thinking

If you believe you can lose weight, you will. If you believe you can not lose weight, then you will not be successful. While this may sound simple, it is true. Negative thinking sets up a cycle of self-sabotage. Why would your body and actions cooperate when you have fixed your mind on failure?

"Slowly they climb the steep hill. I-think-I-can! … And they did! Very soon they were over the hill and going down the other side. "- The Little Engine That Could, Watty Piper

Your Thoughts

Optimism is your secret ninja weapon in any battle. Permanent weight loss is impossible without it. Positive thinking affects you mentally and physically. Your thoughts have a tremendous impact on your physical body and your actions.

The mind-body connection is nothing new. Practitioners of integrative medicine have incorporated positive thinking into healing for many years. There has even been research that suggests positive thinking can reduce pain.

Your Mindset

When you approach your weight loss with the belief that you will succeed, your actions will match that belief. For example, if you believe you can walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes; chances are that even if you grow tired, you will push forward because you believe that you can. However, if you hop on and your mind is filled with negative beliefs – "I'm out of shape," or "I probably will not make it 20 minutes," – well, at the first sign of fatigue you will hit the Stop button.

A positive mindset leads to positive outcomes. Your positive perspective helps you to make better decisions and stay on track. You become motivated by your belief of success. You do not need a Ph.D. in Psychology to understand or employ this technique. Like the little engine, if you think you can, you will.

Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything.

** Please consult your physician, registered dietitian, or certified fitness professional before starting or changing your diet or exercise program. **

Source by Kalvin C. Chinyere, MD

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