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How to Lose Weight Tips

Where have you heard this before?

I'm sure many of you have it many times, I certainly have and i've also tried many of then myself without any real success. Til now!

Just before X-Mas myself and my daughter's partner decided we both needed to shed some weight. We used the option below and it certainly worked for us. I lost a total of 21 lbs in six weeks while Matt lost 17 in the same time.

In all reality the only real way to lose weight (lbs) is by eating less and doing more physical exercise. The thing is, mostly most people realize this is the most simple and obvious way to shed a few excess lbs or stone in some cases. The reason that they do not just do this is they either do not have the willpower or just can not be bothered to change the way they live.

Then why do we try to make it harder for ourselves?

We're still told we need to make sure we eat enough food to be able to achieve the extra exercise that we need to do to lose the weight. Surely this then defeats the object. This means we eat more food and raise our calorie intake in order to supply the energy for the exercise required to lose the extra we have then put on. It really is a viscous circle.

From our experience of weight loss, it has made us now seek out a change of lifestyle rather than just a diet. So, at the start of the new year we both started on a program that helps us to lose some weight but more importantly gets us into a habit, that will also help us to achieve a healthy way of life, for the long term.

So you may then also ask? What are some how to lose weight exercises?

The answer to this can be very simple and be achieved by walking more and doing a bit of swimming or similar low level aerobics. There is no need for marathon running and mountain climbing, just keep it simple and easy. Just plain walking for pleasure proved to be very beneficial for ourselves and it also gets you out more.

Most times you will find simple and easy the best way to do things:

As soon as your lose some lbs then this will give you some encouragement to lose some more weight pounds and you can feel a lot better in yourself. Before I got involved with all this "healthy lifestyle" I sometimes used to feel drained, stressed and low on energy. Now, I am healthy and find that by just doing some fairly moderate exercise that I can help my weight metabolism and keep myself in good shape and feeling fit. That's how easy it can be.

Hope this of some help to those of you that are thinking of dieting. Make sure you follow a safe and healthy one, as we did.

Source by Eddie Maheady

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