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How to Lose Fat – 10 Foods That Aid in Weight Or Fat Loss

How to lose fat – eating for fat lose is not a get thin fast approach. These approaches are short term fixes. If you do not have a complete plan you will not keep the fat off. A very important part of your fat loss effort is to Eat for fat loss. Pick foods that are low in sugars and maintain energy levels with out spiking your sugar levels. Below is a list of foods that will do just that.

1. Eggs or Egg Whites
2. Water, Make it cold with ice
3. Beans (Navy, kidney, Lima, white, Soy)
4. Lean Beef
5. Lean Turkey
6. Nonfat Yogurts
7. Vitamin C rich fruits (lemons, limes, oranges)
8. Spices (Peppers, cinnamon)
9. Berries
10. Oatmeal (most whole grain foods are good for this)

Although there is no magic pill for fat loss, these foods will help to maintain a healthy diet and keep the weight off. The trick to maintaining a body weight that you feel comfortable with is pretty simple. Diet, Activity, and Rest.

This is a small list of health foods that you can eat to maintain a slimmer you. Adding some fiber to your diet and also help to maintain your weight. Green leafy veggies are a great source of this fiber.

Weight control does not have to be an overwhelming task. It is the art of re-educating your body to find fuel where, it should be in your fat stores.

And … there may be a little re-educating of your self on how to eat properly, keep active, and get plenty of rest.

Source by Robert Rice

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