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How Intermittent Fasting Can Promote Fat Loss

As a student and teacher of nutrition and health, helping my clients to lose unwanted fat and change their body image I am often asked "What is all this I keep listening about Fasting?"

Intermittent Fasting is fast becoming a favored way of reducing unwanted body fat and sculpting your body the way you want it and it is not only for those gym bound health conscious fanatics that so many of the body fat burning programs are for. This works for anyone serious about reducing body fat.

For whatever the reason, be it on health grounds or purely because you want to look hotter than you do right now.

I decided to look into this a little more as it looks so many people are beginning to latch onto it, you know many of the top fitness and health experts both on and off line are now using Intermittent Fasting to help their clients lose those unwanted pounds of body fat, let me add to that – many of them are using this themselves.

What better testimonial?

I can now hear you say "so tell us how it works and is it safe" First let me answer the second element of that question "is it safe?"

Yes is the short and pleasing conclusion I have come to, in fact by fast you are allowing your body the time it needs to cleanse and purify internally so not only are you losing unwanted fat and looking better on the outside but you are getting healthier internally too …. how cool is that?

Back then to how it works. Intermittent Fasting is not let me repeat not starvation as many people think.

It is what it says a period of intermittent fasting; usually 24hrs at a time when you abstain from all calorific take with the exception of water for those not clear on that (needs to be clear as I do not want to be responsible for anyone suffering unnecessarily)

During these periods of fast you continue to maintain your existing exercise period or if you do not have one begin one (I suggest that you speak to a fitness professional to guide you on this if you are unsure what to do).

This period of fast should be connected no more than 2-3 times per week with the other days consisting of a diet that is beneficial to your weight and fat loss goals (lower carbohydrates, higher protein, higher fiber) and again your exercise regime.

The days when you fast and train will ensure that your body accesses the stored body fat you are carrying for fuel / energy instead of using the calorific content of the food you are eating daily. It will burn this faster and longer on these days than the days when you eat your healthy diet.

All diets must to be effective work on the same basic principles of energy in energy out. To burn undesired fat you must increase your activity so that you burn more calories than you store, this however is for another article.

One other key point about the process of Intermittent fasting is the effect it has on you mind, you see for a diet to be successful you must first understand your rules about food, by fasting you are breaking the mental dependency that you have created about the food that you eat and allowing yourself to change the rules you have about food and the role it play in your life.

Source by Peter Craig

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