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How Does One Lose Weight Naturally?

There is certainly no dearth of weight loss programs, diets and products in the market today. One of the reasons for the proliferation of these products is the fact that obesity has gained epidemic proportions around the world and it is often the prelude to several chronic and acute ailments like hyper tensions, high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary and pulmonary disorders.

Unfortunately most diets are simply too stringent and restrictive to work and if you are using weight loss pills that include chemicals you are doing yourself more harm than good. Then the crucial question is how does one lose weight? Au contraire to what most weight management websites advertise it is neither possible nor safe to lose a pound a day. Instead go for a slow but steady plan that will not only help you reduce weight but will also help you to remain healthy. Losing too much weight too fast may create several issues like dull skin, hair fall, digestive problems, fatigue, low blood pressure etc.

Now most people who opt for restrictive diets such as ‘no carb diets’ or ‘high protein diets’ feel that restricting the amount and type of nutrients that they consume will help them to lose weight. Obesity is primarily caused due to the over consumption of junk food and food items laced with fat and sugar. So if you want to loose weight, follow the mantra of moderation.

o Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. These are rich in fiber which will not only help your digestive system but will also help you to feel full. Fruits contain essential vitamins that will help to keep you energized all day long

o Restrict the consumption of sugar and carbohydrate but there is no need to completely eliminate them from your diet. For instance, instead of grabbing an ice cream for dessert you may want to go for fruit sorbet or fresh fruit salad. Substitute white bread and pastas made from refined flour with whole wheat and grain products.

o Limit the intake of fat, use olive oil which is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids instead of regular cooking oil. Go for low fat dairy products including milk and yogurt and instead of butter opt for butter substitute.

o Ensure that the meat you consume is lean. Poultry and fish are rich in proteins which will help you to build muscles and loose weight. Avoid snacking in between meals and stop eating the moment you feel full.

o You cannot possibly loose weight without incorporating at least an hour of physical activity in your daily routine. You don’t have to necessarily visit the gym though this can be helpful if you are trying to tone a particular part of your body like your abs, stomach, hips, thighs etc. But if you want to lose weight over all activities like jogging, dancing, cycling, swimming, tennis and even taking the stairs instead of the elevator should do just fine.

Finally remember that losing weight is about diligence, consistency and self control. It is OK to indulge yourself once in a while but don’t make a habit of gobbling chocolate chip cookies after every meal.

Source by Rajesh Watts

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