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Healthy Weight Loss – Easy Exercise to Help Lose Weight

One basic exercise that helps healthy weight loss is brisk walking. You can begin with a 20 minute brisk walk, four days a week. You must walk to exert yourself, but if you feel breathless you must reduce your speed. Use good shoes and always walk on grass, mud or a walking track.

In addition to walking there are six exercises that you will have to perform daily for six days a week. You can fit them in your schedule without making them interfere with your walking exercise. Let's say, you are doing these exercises in the evening, you can walk in the morning, or vice versa. These exercises will help you move towards healthy weight loss.

These exercises should be done without taking a break in between. This means that you must do the exercises one after the other until you reach the last one. If your muscles ache from the previous day's routine, do not stop. Just do fewer repetitions.

The Shoulder Swing

Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Now swing your arms forwards till they reach your chest level; then swing them back as far as they can go. Look straight ahead, and do not bend your knees. Breathe normally without holding your breath. Continue till your arms get tired or till you reach 120 to 150 swings in a minute. The muscles of your arms and shoulders are exercised by this exercise.

The Butt Raise

Begin by lying flat on your back with your arms at your sides. Now bend your knees keeping the soles of your feet flat on the ground, with a few inches distance between. Next, raise your butt off the floor as high as you can without moving your feet. Stay in this position for a few seconds and return to the original position. Breathe normally and continue doing this till you get tired. This exercise will help you burn the fat around your butt, thighs and lower back.

The Punching Bag

Stand with your feet shoulder length apart and knees slightly bent. Clench your fist and throw a punch in front at chest level in such a way that your arm does not fully extend. Return your arm to its original position without locking out, while throwing a punch with the other arm simultaneously. Continue this punching action till you are tired. Breathe normally and do not take a break, as this is very important for healthy weight loss. This exercise gives your arm muscles, shoulders, chest and back a good workout.

The Knee Raise

Stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Raise your right knee up towards your chest level as high as you can. Then lower it gently to the original position. Repeat with this leg until you are tired. Repeat the same with your left leg. Work out at a pace that is moderate but not slow. This exercise gives your hips, thighs and lower abs a good workout.

The Wall Push Up

Stand at an arm's length in front of a wall. Now extend your arms and place your palms flat and shoulder length apart against the wall. Bend your elbows and lean toward the wall till your nose almost touches the wall. Return to the original position and repeat till you are tired. Remember to breathe in while leaning towards the wall and breathe out while pushing away from it. This exercise gives your arms, shoulders, chest and back a good workout.

The Chair Sit Up

This exercise is very easy. All you have to do is begin by sitting on a chair without arms. Now stand up and sit back on the chair without using your arms for support. Breathe normally and repeat till you are tired. This exercise gives your leg muscles a good workout.

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