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Geaux Clean Announces Grand Opening of Newest Locale Catering to Area Customers


(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)– According to a number of different reports from the automotive industry, a clean, well-maintained vehicle offers many benefits. On the other hand, lack of upkeep and using cleaning products that are not designed for use on automobiles can have an adverse effect. This is old news to the staff of Geaux Clean Car Wash (www.geauxclean.com), a company that has seen a significant surge in business recently. Prompted by this increase in demand for the company’s services, representative Shane Poinson has announced the grand opening of the growing chain’s latest branch in Prairieville.

Poinson stated, “From the opening of our first location in Central, people were drawn to us for a number of reasons. Our pricing is competitive, and we keep our sites immaculately clean, but that’s just the beginning. We make sure our vacuums are among the strongest available, so customers can remove more dirt and grime with less effort. When all those elements are combined with our continually updated wash system and our Turtle Wax line of professional compounds, the result is an experience vehicle owners won’t find anywhere else.”

Those automotive industry reports previously mentioned indicate regular exterior cleaning can extend the lifespan of a vehicle by removing corrosive buildup such as road film and salt residue from seasonal asphalt treatments and coastal environments. Excessive wear on brake components can also be reduced through regular washing. Vehicle manufacturers mention household cleaners such as dish detergent can potentially break down automotive clear coat, leading to peeling and paint fading; therefore, use of products created specifically for automotive applications is recommended.

Proper care and attention to the appearance of a vehicle can also raise its resale value. Since vehicle inspectors look for rust, extensive wear and tear on various parts of automobiles and other factors, cleaning a vehicle on a regular basis can likewise lead to better inspection results. While cleanliness is not the sole means of maintaining a vehicle’s value, it has been said to be an important part of the process.

Concluded Poinson, “At Geaux Clean, we’re dedicated to ensuring all our products and systems are safe for customers’ vehicles and designed to help protect their vehicles. We offer free vacuums with each wash, and mat cleaners, bug prep tanks and vending machines are also available to our customers. We urge area vehicle owners to visit one of our five locations, including the newest one in Prairieville, to see for themselves what sets us apart from other car washes. We look forward to further expanding our chain and currently have a new location under construction on O’Neal Lane in Baton Rouge with a grand opening scheduled for November of 2016 to better serve more customers in the future.”

About Geaux Clean:

A locally owned and operated express car wash chain, Geaux Clean serves customers in Baton Rouge, Central and Prairieville with five locations and a sixth under development. The Geaux Clean team takes pride in offering top-notch service and state-of-the-art equipment to help local residents keep their vehicles in prime condition.

Source: http://markets.financialcontent.com/marketintelligence?Page=MEDIAVIEWER&GUID=31848431

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