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Free Rapid Weight Loss Diet – Lose 5 Pounds Per Week

When we want to lose weight we want to lose it today not tomorrow or the next week, today! It is almost like buying a new car, how want to wait 8 weeks for it to get delivered? Rapid weight loss is important because it shows us proofs that our efforts are paying off.

Most so called serious dieting advice against losing weight quickly and you know, they are right. Losing weight fast is not healthy. Do you see a but coming? Here it is; if we combine a rapid weight loss scheme with a long term program we get two things, we get rid of the weight and get a receipt that it is working and meanwhile we slowly adapt into a new lifestyle and changed attitudes towards food and eating.

If we want our weight loss to be long term the latter part is as essential as the first part. We need to change our eating habits but also the way we think of foods. At the same time the instant weight loss keeps us motivated. If we lack motivation we quit (or at least I do).

If you have ever tried weight watchers you know what I'm talking about. I believe that they offer one of the best diets available but a) It is expensive, b) it takes time to lose weight. This means that you have to confident in the diet from the very beginning and that you accept that the car wont be delivered for another 8 to 10 weeks. That is frustrating. I want my car yesterday!

I combined two things when I lost weight. I started on a rapid weight loss diet and I started to read a book about people's relations to foods, eating habits and exercising. What happened?

I started to lose weight and while I was on the diet I started to implement what I learned from the book I was reading. Adding a little bit of exercise, I stopped buying processed foods and bought fresh foods instead. What was really interesting was when I analyzed my eating habits and learned easy ways to not eat that snack, well it is not too easy you know. You have to be aware of the traps and know how to avoid falling into them.

Source by Jennifer Olsen

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