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Five Reasons Why The Raw Food Diet Is Recognized To Cure Acne

Five Reasons Why The Raw Food Diet Is Recognized To Cure Acne

For those who suffer from acne and other embarrassing skin disorders, frustration and depression often haunt their lives. Doctors tell them one thing, naturopaths another and friends and family yet another. You have probably tried everything that people have told you to cure your acne, and yet you still have it – real bad.

What are you doing wrong?Is there anything that will work? Yes, there is – and many people are starting to venture down an alternative pathway to cure their skin problems once and for all. This alternative yet astounding pathway is the raw food diet, which has been known to cure acne and repair skin to its former glory.

What Is The Raw Food Diet?

The raw food diet is a healthy lifestyle based primarily on raw plant-based foods. This diet consists of raw fruits, vegetables, salads, fresh juices, berries, sprouts, avocado, nuts and seeds.

Why Does The Raw Food Diet Cure Acne?

The raw food diet has many amazing benefits that most modern medications and popular diets do not come close to. Here are five reasons why the raw food diet is recognized to get rid of severe acne:

  1. There are no fatty heavy meats, cheeses, butter, and other hard-to-digest animal products that clog up the digestive system due to their high saturated fat content.
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables are primarily water-based foods, which are easy on your digestive system. This means that your body can focus on healing itself, rather than spending all of its energy digesting food. When your body is given the opportunity to heal itself, you will notice considerable improvements in your skin, face, hair, nails and weight!
  3.  Fats on the raw food diet are good fats: unsaturated fats (especially monounsaturated fat), which are found in avocados, nuts and seeds. These fats help to nourish and repair the skin.
  4.  The living food lifestyle allows the body to constantly detoxify and regenerate itself without any road blocks caused by heavy foods. This means that after complete detoxification has been achieved, your acne will cease to exist and should not re-appear if you keep on eating plenty of raw food in your diet.
  5. The raw food diet is nutrient-rich, which means that your body will be fed an ample supply of healthy proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre. This is the opposite of many processed overcooked foods today – many which can be described as nutrient-dead.

The Evidence:

It is certainly helpful to read the many reasons why the raw food diet is recognized to cure acne and other skin disorders, but it is even more helpful to hear of success stories of it achieving this. Briefly I will relate two:

Joy Houston (adult cystic acne)

Joy Houston suffered from severe cystic adult acne for many years. Her skin became radiant and acne-free after she became a raw foodist, which is very encouraging for those who also suffer from cystic acne.

Julie (teenage acne)

Another success story is that of a young woman named Julie. During her late teenage years, Julie was plagued with severe acne which caused her much embarrassment, a low self-esteem, depression and panic attacks.

Julie tried every medication out there but she both mentally and physically worsened as a result. Julie then heard about the living food diet and readily changed her diet to mostly raw fruits, vegetables and living salads. Her skin healed very quickly as a result and her happiness levels also increased.

So if you do suffer from acne, whether you are a teenager or an adult – be assured that the raw food diet has alleviated many people from their suffering, and it could definitely be of help to you too. Because of its nutrient-rich properties and detoxification triggering process, the raw food diet has helped many people in the world cure their health problems

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