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FatLoss4Idiots – Are You an Idiot?

How do you know if you are an idiot when it comes to losing weight? If you've tried losing weight in the past and you are still overweight, chances are you've been doing all the wrong things to lose weight. If you've starved yourself, counties calories or carbs, or tried any other fad diet on the market you'll be relieved to know that you are not the problem.

If you struggle with intestinal cravings or feel out of control with food, you are not alone. Often times, we eat foods that lead to more cravings and extremely make us store more fat. Every time you eat one of two hormones are released, one stores fat and another the burns fat. Your fat burning hormones can be activated by eating the right types of food at the right time every day.

With Fat Loss 4 Idiots you will be given a personalized diet generator tailored to your food preferences. These foods when ate at the right time of day will effortlessly accelerate fat loss. The secret lies inside you and the food you eat, no gimmicks and no struggles. Take a look at the calendar and imagine weighing 9 pounds less, 11 days from now. How good would that feel?

I've personally tried this program and have compiled a list of pro's and con's of the program.

Pro's : This program is completely online and very user friendly. I had all the information I needed in less than 45 seconds. FatLoss4Idiots its really easy to follow and I ate food that I loved every single day.

Con's: Exercise is not required to lose weight. I happened to love exercising, which I did not stop doing, but I was able to lose even more weight with my regular regimen.

Source by Lucinda H. Becks

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