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Fat Loss Lie – Part 5

Thermogenics and “fat burners” (including ephedrine and caffeine) are effective for long term fat loss.

Fat burning pills made with ephedra and other herbal stimulants have been around for the past 15 years. Millions of dollars are spent on these products and are advertised heavily that it makes you think you have to take them in order to lose fat.

Some of he hypes that you see on advertisements in well-known magazines are:

“Proven to increase fat loss 1700%.”

“Burn up to 613% more fat!”

“34 times more fat lost than control group.”

“5 times more fat loss than exercise and diet alone.”

If any of these supplements did burn fat and help you keep it off permanently than obesity would not be the problem anymore. But with all the fat burning supplements available today, there are now more overweight people than ever before.

Ephedrine have been pulled off the market because its ingredients are strong central nervous system stimulants, they also have many potential side effects and down sides.

Be caution when using thermogenic products especially if you are sensitive to stimulants, have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disorder or any other medical problems. To be safe, always check with your doctor first before using any thermogenic products.

Taking pills to lose fat is temporarily because is only treating symptoms. You have to address the cause of the problem which is poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

There is a better, healthier way to lose body fat by knowing proper food choice and food combinations that are better appetite suppressant than any drug or pill without the side effects.

By eating a serving of lean protein such as chicken, turkey, egg whites, tuna or lean red meat with every meal, at frequent intervals throughout the day, you stimulate your metabolism while decreasing hunger at the same time.

Source by Travis Liu

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