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Fat-Burning Hormones – Plus Fast Weight Loss Programs – Equals a Better You

Most people believe that a less-calorie, less-fat, and less-carbohydrate diet automatically results to weight loss. If you are one of these people then you may be already hitting the gym, enrolled at quick weight loss programs.

However, the notion that a less-calorie diet is not entirely true. That’s because the secret to shedding off those excess pounds doesn’t lie in how little you take in but with what you build up inside your body.

You may be surprised by the fact I’m about to share to you, but there are actually elements in our body that can either make or break our efforts to beat the bulge. These are the hormones secreted by the different glands in our body.

While some of these hormones do not, in any way, affect our body’s ability to lose weight, there are a few that are either helpful in burning fat or, conversely, making fat.

Let us take a look at how each hormone can help in the fat burning process. These are the following:

Growth Hormone – triggers muscle growth. You can stimulate production of this hormone by eating foods such as eggs, cottage cheese, raw nuts and the like.

Glucagon – maintains the level of glucose in our body. In doing so, it counters the effects of insulin, which is the main fat making hormone in our body.

IGF-1 – regulates blood sugar in-between meals, and drinking a little juice or a half glass of wine will help inhibit this hormone for a half day.

Testosterone – also triggers muscle growth, and that is why this is used as an anabolic steroid. It also increases energy levels. Having appropriate levels of this hormone prevents diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Adrenaline – it increases the blood sugar level by increasing the catabolism of glycogen to glucose in the liver and at the same time begins the breakdown of lipids in fat cells.

Thyroxin – controls how quickly the body burns energy and builds protein. This hormone requires the use of iodine, so make sure that you have enough iodine in your system.

So now you know how these hormones can help you burn body fat more effectively than going through a fast weight loss program.

But there is another hormone you should be aware of–cortisol. This, when produced in excessive levels, can nullify the effects of the other fat-burning hormones. Cortisol is produced by the body when you feel stressed. Stress precedes the release of cortisol and can counter the effects of fat-burning hormones.

Proper food and exercise helps the body produce fat-burning hormones. And try your best not to be too stressed out to prevent the release of cortisol. You don’t need help from personal trainers if you follow these three tips.

But if you want to expedite the weight loss process and maintain a healthy body, we have personal fitness trainers here in Eagan to help you out. The Body Project, with a studio in Eagan recommends a fast weight loss program that encapsulates our company’s vision of helping you achieve the slimmer and fitter body you desire.

Source by Dian Sia

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