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Ephedra Based Product – Still The Best Fat Loss Supplements

Many people have given up their search for a fat burner that is a true ephedra based product. That is a sad fact because what many fail to realize is that this type of diet pill is still available for sale in the United States. Although there are now strict limitations on the supplement strength and how many bottles can be shipped to a single address, you can still buy ephedra based products.

It's common knowledge that the FDA tried to ban all forms of this diet supplement. However, they were not successful and as a result, you can still buy ephedra pills at a maximum dosage of 10mg per serving. That dosage is strong enough to produce very pleasant results when used correctly along with an appropriate calorie restricted diet and regular exercise.

With all the new diet pills hitting the market, claims of being the best fat loss supplements are being tossed around like mad. It's difficult to know what to believe. Dieters jump from supplement to supplement hoping to find something that will work. The truth is that nothing has been proven to be as effective as an ephedra based product.

Although there have been several reports of side effects with an ephedra based product, a little more research reveals that people reporting such side effects were taking a higher dosage than recommended and under conditions that were considered to be problematic.

The federal government would love to be able to make your decisions for you. They would rather you be dangerously fat than to have access to the best fat loss supplements ever made. But for now, you still have some control. You can still buy an ephedra based product for weight loss if you choose to go that route. Regardless of what the government says, there is no fat loss supplement that can compare to an ephedra based product.

Source by R Welch

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