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Does the Isogenics Cleansing Program Live Up to the Hype?

When you search for Isogenics on the internet you will find a number of sites claiming it is a scam and others claiming it is the most effective health care and weight loss product available. It can be very hard for consumers to know what to believe and find out how effective Isogenics really is.

It is always easy to make claims, especially when a company such as Isogenics has large marketing budgets, however it is much more difficult to actually deliver the promised results. The Isogenics company mentions that the average weight loss from a 9 day cleanse is 7lbs, this figure is taken from the average weight loss during an independent study undertaken by a major university and is not an random figure.

Isogenics became very well known and popular in a very short space of time and their products have been used by thousands of people from around the world. Isogenics products are sold by independent associates and in the early days many were using unsubstantiated and exadurated claims about the effects of the product. This led to untrust in the market and a number of websites and high profile individuals claiming the product was a scam.

However Isogenics took a pro-active stance recently and now require all marketing materials, including website, being used by independent associates to be passed through their compliance department. This ensures all promotional items carry a consistent, reliable message.

The cost of Isogenics is a major factor to consider when deciding if the product is a worthy investment, as it is more significantly more expensive than some other similar products on the market. This may due to it being sold through independent distributors or because it is a premium product, containing premium ingredients.

The ingredients used in the Isogenics program are mostly natural and the formulation of these ingredients has been done professionally. Because of the size of the company and amount of money spent on research and development Isogenics has probably been tested more rigorously than some of the other cleaning programs available on the market today.

In many ways it is unfortunate that Isogenics is not sold in retail outlets and only by independent associates as it can be difficult to find unbiased advice regarding the product. At least when you purchase a product from your local natural health store the owner is able to provide honest advice on the best product to suit your individual circumstances.

In review although many people initially claimed the Isogenics weight loss program was a scam, results from independent studies and testimonials from many people that have used the product show that it is a reliable and safe product. However there are still questions over the cost of the products and the methods of sales used by the company.

Source by Tom J White

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