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Does Aspirin Help In Weight Loss?

Is there a connection between aspirin and weight loss? There may be, but it may not be what is best for everybody. There are some people, including some bodybuilders that have been known to take what is called “enteric coated aspirin” or better known as ECA. They take it because they believe the aspirin can help them have a better body circulation. Also included in this is ephedrine and caffeine. Supposedly, these two ingredients assist in helping with losing fat from your body. Since this aspirin is coated, it is supposed to prevent your stomach from any aside effects, including irritation and inflammation.

The more people know about this kind of aspirin, the more they want to know about the possible side effects. In addition to that, the industry is also flooded with other pills that claim to burn fat from your body. From these, ECA stack seems to be one of the more popular ones. With ephedrine, it is supposed to help your body lose weight. With this, there are effects that can supposedly cause your body to have an increase in metabolism. In addition to that, ephedrine has been known to suppress appetites of those that took the pill. People would not be able to eat as much.

The catch to taking ECA is that the effects are not long-lasting. You have to continue taking this until you get your weight to where you want it. The majority of the weight loss comes from the ingredients from ephedrine. In addition to the aspirin and weight loss combination, the caffeine causes your body to provide more energy. You may be able to exercise for longer periods of time without feeling tired. When you engage in more structured and intense exercises, you in essence are removing additional fat from your body.

When you take ephedrine, it goes to your brain. This supposedly helps your memory and helps you to concentrate better. It also helps you to exercise and workout effectively. The recommended dosage of ECA stack is three times a day. If you use a ratio of 10:1:10 which would equate to caffeine, ephedrine and aspirin, this is supposedly more effective to losing weight.

It is recommended that this pill should be taken in the afternoon only. If you take it any other time, you’re subject to be up all night long. However, you must be careful, because taking this can cause people to become addicted to it. Even though the aspirin ingredients aren’t addictive, the caffeine ingredients are. Caffeine can also be the cause of withdrawal effects. With ephedrine, people can also experience addiction, in both the physical and psychological sense.

Taking stack can involve health risks in regard to ephedrine. Please note that some people have experienced health issues such as heart failure. There are others that have succumbed from taking this drug. Ephedrine is also known to increase blood pressure and some people experience nosebleeds from taking it.

This drug is not available so much in the United States anymore because of the effects described above. The Federal Government has concluded that this drug is not safe for people to use. So if you do try to use it, beware of the consequences.

Source by Chris Dean

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