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Dealing With Insomnia in Early Pregnancy

Making good health decisions during pregnancy is extremely difficult. Women go through a lot of changes in their body, and sometimes it’s hard to know what will clear up on its own and what needs special treatment. To make things even more complicated, information on what drugs are safe to take for a pregnant woman is often very limited because companies are afraid to do testing. If you’re facing Insomnia in early pregnancy, you should do your best to stay away from drugs and focus on solutions that will help your body to get more rest in the most natural way possible.

In the later stages of pregnancy, physical discomfort is often the main reason that women have trouble getting enough rest. In earlier stages, though, your body hasn’t physically changed so much that this is likely to be the problem. Instead, what you’re probably experiencing is shifts in your hormones as your system struggles to make all of the adjustments that are important to helping a fetus to be healthy and strong.

It’s better to try to help your body rest as naturally as possible. If you can, avoid exposure to bright lights for a couple of hours before bedtime. It’s especially important to avoid things like computer screens, tablets, and phones. All of these emit the kind of blue light that can confuse your brain and keep it from realizing that it’s night and time to sleep.

If you can’t make adjustments to your schedule, or if they don’t help, you should consider taking melatonin supplements like Melatrol. Melatonin is the hormone that your pineal gland, a part of your brain, uses to signal that it’s dark outside and time to prepare for sleep. By taking a supplement a short time before you go to bed, you can trigger that signal deliberately, and prepare your body for sleep without resorting to sedatives or sleeping pills.

Melatonin, and the sleep that it promotes, is important to your health and that of your baby. It’s been found to have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. While you’re pregnant, your body is working extra hard and needs the best rest that it can possibly get. Melatonin supplements are a good way of achieving this with a gentle nudge, and without the hangover effects and other side effects that are common among sleeping pills.

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