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Cost of Weight Loss Programs

The cost of weight loss programs can be quite high but some are reasonably priced. After extensive research and analysis of some of the most popular diet programs on the market, we are now making our findings public in order to assist you in making an informed choice when deciding which program best meets your needs.

One popular program we found in our search was priced at $ 65.00 for the first three months and $ 16.95 for each additional month. Foods are assigned a certain "point" value and you lose weight by not surpassing your point allowance. This point system is not convincing to all critics.

Another program costs $ 40.00 per month and uses pre-packaged foods and nutritional shakes and snacks as part of a short term weight loss program. We found that the drop out rate is high due to cost and a lack of variety in available foods.

The third in our list is an on-line program. Plans begin at $ 4.50 per week plus an additional $ 2.00 for online chats and another $ 3.00 per week for access to online fitness programs. Due to these fees and costs, the actual monthly cost is not transparent or easily foreseeable and can change from month to month.

The last in our cost of weight loss programs list specifically targets vegetarians and the prevention and reversal of heart disease. No calorie intake limits are imposed as long as the only foods eten are from the allowed foods group. The cost, $ 15.00.

These four products in our Cost Of Weight Loss Programs list, have been ranked as by responsible consumer agencies as "the best overall", "best plan with pre-packaged foods", "best online weight loss community", and "best diet program for vegetarians "respectively.

Still, unless you are a vegetarian, simple math suggest you could easily spend 100's of dollars with no money back guarantees. This turns many persons off and kills any curiosity they may have had.

Determining the cost of weight loss programs makes sense when you realize you could pay $ 500.00 a month or more for memberships and pre-packaged meals when you probably spend less than that for the store bought groceries you can prepare fresh in your own home.

If you are persistent though and really want to know the cost of weight loss programs, you can find some that do come with full money back guarantees at reasonable prices. There are a few out there!

To find some of these programs, Google "diet costs" or similar phrases. Analyze the results. Select programs that promise reasonable results with a money back guarantee and you can fairly and objectively determine the cost of weight loss programs. Get started today. All you have to lose is weight.

R. Louis

Source by R. Louis

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