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Weight Loss Failures – Why Your Diet Is not Working

Today there are more people suffering with obesity than ever before. It seems that despite the medical advances in areas such as diet and exercise and the billions of dollars spent in research to find the perfect weight loss solution ...

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Burning Body Fat

Losing fat is a much harder process than just losing weight. It takes a lot more discipline. For one you need to start eating foods that are not only healthy but contain the correct nutrients that help in burning body ...

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The Facts About Losing Weight Quickly

America is one of the larger populations in the world with weight problems. Obesity is the next epidemic throughout the United States that doctors are ranting about. Obesity is not only unhealthy for our bodies but could also lead to ...

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Best Fat Burner For Fast Weight Loss

Are you still searching for the best fat burner? I know you'll be thinking of diet pills which are popularly used by weight conscious individuals such as models, celebrities and even athletes who needs to maintain their physique and body ...

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The Big Picture of Permanent Weight Loss

Most people who read my articles and e-books know me as a science guy who likes to quote studies and apply research to everyday problems such as weight loss, bodybuilding, and other health/fitness related topics. However, sometimes you have to ...

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What Is The Best Diet For Weight Loss?

I am over weight again and for my new year resolution I forced to try and loose weight. Well, I have found a diet that is suitable for me. It is called the Cambridge Diet. I have been on this ...

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