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Best Weight Loss Program – Your Weight Does Not Define You

Are you looking for the best weight loss program? Maybe you're 20 pounds over what you think you should weigh. Maybe you're 200. I have found what I believe is the very best weight loss program in the world, but first I would like to remind you that your weight does not define you. What you weigh is a portion of your anatomy, just like your toes or your elbows. Your weight can be changed; you have a lot of control over this portion of who you are. However, your weight and your body are not the definition of who you are.

Many years ago, the mother of my best friend commented that although she does not like having her picture taken, she allows her family to snap shots of her because the way she looks now is how they know her and the person in those photos is someone who is very, very much loved. Long after she's gone, those pictures will give her family comfort and may even make them smile. Her looks today is how they will remember her tomorrow. Why begrudge loving family members a memory of a person they held very dear?

When I was in middle school, the librarian, Mrs W, was a very large woman. To us "tweens" she was one of the largest women we had ever known. Mrs. W was a highly intelligent individual and because she was a librarian and a longtime educator, very likely had her Master's Degree. One afternoon, Mrs W substituted in one of my classes for a teacher who had gone home ill. After class, I stayed to get to know Mrs. W a little bit better. She told me about her struggles when she was younger accepting herself because of her outward appearance (many overweight people have struggled with their size for years) and how she finally had learned to accept herself the way she was. Here was one of the most brilliant, kindest women I had ever known, telling me that she struggled with who she was because she had a weight issue !!

Have you learned to appreciate yourself for who you really are, or are you still looking at the number on the scale to tell you if you're worthy? When a friend calls you in the middle of the night because her car broke down on a deserted highway and her 2-year-old is scared and crying, do you tell her "Sorry. Of course not !! You jump in your car and you drive to her aid immediately. The face your friend sees when you finally arrive is the face of someone who's very much loved and appreciated. She'd rather see you in that moment than anyone else on earth.

When your 16 year old daughter asks you to help her with her algebra homework, do you tell her that you will, as soon as you lose 30lbs? Of course not !! You sit down at the table next to her and do your best to show her how to calculate the equations. The person who you are is the same one who developed through the course of your life; you are the person who was shaped and influenced by the little "daily" things that took place in your life as well as the person who, through adversity, grew in character. You are the one who would never cheat another human being, and you are the one who makes children laugh and smile. You are the loving person who finds a warm home for the stray kitten who wandered into your yard and decided to stay. You have a whole lot to offer humanity, and the world without you would not be the same.

Your weight and your size do not define you. You are you and you have been very, very blessed.

Source by Angela Edwards

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