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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Paleo Diet

Have you ever searched on the internet for the real best weight reducing diet programs? If so, you may have read about what is perceived as the next best diet in the planet, which is called the Paleo diet. But, what precisely is this Paleo diet and what really makes it better than all the other diets? The Paleo word is the short for Paleolithic, the prehistoric time of humans, that achieved millions of years ago. At the time of this Paleolithic times, humans learned how to farm and how to hunt, this means that these people only ate food that were easily obtainable to them in their own close environment.

These people then biologically adapted to become better and stronger by eating more and more of these paleo foods. Advocators of this diet suggested that there has been too late of a time period between what is known as 'the end of the Paleolithic era' and what is known as 'modern day' for the human body to really adjust to today's western diet. This lack of conversion is apparently the cause for the existence of modern illnesses, like diabetes and obesity. This diet type, which is also noted as the caveman diet, really entails foods such as eggs, grass-fed proteins, vegetables, wild seafood, nuts, plant-based oils and some fruits. These are all wonderful food selections for sure, to any diet can advantage from so this high omega-3 fatty acids, stresses high fiber, high potassium, high nutrients and low sodium consumption.

Based on last words, the Paleo diet seems to be a wonderful idea right? But, the Paleo diet also limits some food groups that prehistoric people would not have used for sure, mainly because they were not easily attainable for them. This involves foods such as: legumes such as beans and peanuts, grains, refined sugars, dairy and salt. These food groups are commonly ingredients for most of the harmful processed foods around the globe. The paleo is wonderful for people that are lactose intolerance, because it actually limits dairy and gluten intolerance, because they restricts grain.

All these great features as well as losing weight? Paleo sounds quite darn amazing right? Neverheless if you analyze the diet, you can understand these advantages of the Paleo diet are true, it does not make the diet the ideal choice possible and there are three large reasons for it.

1) The Paleo diet is costly under the Paleo diet, but primary sources of protein are from grass-fed animals and wild fish in the USA. For just ten dollars you'll be able to get about three pounds of standard ground beef for the same quantity you will only be able to get a little extra than a pound of grass-fed ground beef, whilst salmon can run you up to $ 30 per pound whilst farm-raised salmon are often below ten dollars. These price variations can easily frighten a lot of people from trying a true Paleo diet.

2) The Paleo diet does not take into concern portions and calories. Even though the food selections in a Paleo diet are healthy, there is no maximum capacity to how much of it we can consume which can lead to eating too much. You can eat as many penny of foods as you wish but if your calorie consumption is too much you will still earn weight. The good reason about paleo though is that you're eating high amounts of proteins and fiber both which usually will make you feel even more full while eating few calories opposed to eating extremely lean carbohydrates such as bread which typically are high in calories and requires much more to fill you up. Neverheless with no set limitations on calories The Paleo diet may not be the best technique for weight loss.

3) The Paleo diet is just not functional. The Paleo diet puts a restriction on many food groups that have become a huge part of human culture for hundreds of years. The most notable limits are dairy grains and beans. Even though one might be able to dispute the healthiness of these food groups, it does not alter the fact that human culture has relied on them for continued existence for centuries. Even more so a lot of these options have become staple food for various cultures all around the world, for persons to simply stop eating foods such as rice, bread, cheese and beans is obviously unfeasible. Even though the Paleo diet has a lot of wonderful features and healthy food alternatives, the disadvantages can not quickly be ignored.

Source by Stacy Sanchez

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