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Ways to Exercise to Prevent Knee Pains

Knee pain is a common problem of many people, from active to inactive ones. One is for sure uneasy with the occurrence of a knee pain, no matter the signs and extent of pain. The nice thing about this concern though is that there are exercises to help ease the pain and and even prevent the pain from happening. There are many exercises to help prevent injury and pain of the knee even though the causes of it are different. These exercises prove to be comforting to those who have experience the pain or if at present you are feeling the pain.

First and foremost, you should strengthen the muscles that support the knee in order to avoid knee injury. A strong muscle on the knee can prevent and absorb the impact on the knee that leads to pain and injury.

Lying down and doing straight leg exercise is a basic exercise that is helpful to the muscle quadriceps. After doing this basic simple exercise, one can move on to the next level of exercising the same way only using weights this time.

Calf stretching is important before proceeding to a high impact sport or activity, or even doing simple exercise that put pressure on the knee.

To stretch those hip and quad muscles, one can do the half-kneel hip and quad stretch.

We should not forget the role of the hamstring muscles in knee pains, and so, doing the wall hamstring exercise is a good exercise to perform.

A good exercise to prevent knee pain is termed partial squats, where using a chair, you lower your body to the chair, and all the while keep your abdomen tight and knees behind your toes.

Side- lying leg lifts is another form of exercise wherein you lie on your side, put ankle weights above the knee, and do the raise ups for a few counts, and repeat on the other side lying down. Another forms of exercise to prevent knee injury and pain, is executing the step-up and calf raisings.

Knee pain or injury can be avoided by bearing in mind to have a healthy normal body weight. When are overweight, you are putting strain on your knees. It is also advisable to wear good quality shoes to help give support on your knee.

Swimming and rowing are exercises that can prevent knee pain or injury. Sudden stop or decrease in exercising is not a positive way to maintain the strength of knee muscles. Sudden stoppage of the intensity of your exercise will not give your knee muscles an advantage.

Physical therapy is a solution for a person to undergo if he is already injured. A reliable person to recommend the proper exercises to help cure the damage on your knee is called physical therapist.

Whatever you have chosen as an exercise for your knees, always remember the importance of stretching and strengthening.

Source: http://allgoodmedics.com/blogs/common-injuries-for-jogging-fanatics.html

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