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6 Features Of A Quality Weight Loss Program

Research has shown that people spend billions of dollars every year on weight loss programs and products and yet obesity rates keep on going high.

One of the reasons why people do not lose weight despite investing a lot of money is due to poor plans. To be on the safe side, here are features that you should look out for when choosing a program:


A sound program should be researched by health care workers and determined to be safe. To back the research, there must be data to show how the research was done and the finds that were made. In addition to this, the program should encourage you to seek advice from your doctor before you get started.

By visiting your doctor before you start your program, you will allow your doctor to evaluate your health status, order the necessary tests and advice you on how to ensure that your weight loss journey is safe.


A good program should be approved by the right authorizations. For example, the plan should be approved by registered dietitians, health coaches, registered nurses and doctors.

If you want to find out about the credibility of a plan you should visit reputable review sites and see what different people have to say. You can also ask your doctor if a given program is reputable or not.

Realistic results

It's easy to be allured by a program promising to help you lose ten pounds in one week. As much as such a plan can look very good, you should know that permanent weight loss usually happens slowly.

For example, a plan meant to help you lose weight permanently will promise to help you lose p pound to one pound in one week. As rule of thumb you should be very careful of a plan promising to help you lose more than this weight.

Self monitoring

Experts have shown that people tend to easily lose weight when they are able to keep track of their exercises, food, and weight loss. This means that if you want to easily lose weight, you should ensure that a program allows you to easily keep track your progress.


A sensible program should not pressurize you to eat special foods, injections, pills, powders or similar products that are not approved by weight loss practitioners.

Exercise and diet

Exercise and diet go hand in hand in bringing about permanent weight loss; therefore, a sensible plan should encourage you to exercise and eat healthy foods.

Source by James D. Foster, Ph.D.

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