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5 Simple Weight Loss Tips You Can Use Right Away

Weight loss is always a challenge for most of us, especially when you need to lose a couple a couple of pounds as quick as possible.

Luckily, there are a couple of simple rules that you can follow that will help you lose a couple of pounds without too much effort.

Tip # 1
Workout in the morning on an empty stomach, right after you wake up. It can be jogging or using the stationary bike at home, you decide. Studies show that working out in the morning on an empty stomach can result in 3 times as much fat loss than working out at a different part of the day after you've previously eaten.

Tip # 2
Do not eat in the evening after 8 PM. The metabolism is slower in the evening and at night and eating will only result in more fat deposits and less burned calories.

Tip # 3
Break up your 3 main meals into 6 smaller ones. Eating 6 small meals will burn more calories than eating 3 big meals as the process of eating itself burns calories and the body only needs as much energy and if you eat more than you need, the body will store the excess as fat.

Tip # 4
Reduce your fat intake from food. You should try to consume no more than 25% of calories from fat and make sure it's non-saturated fat as planned fat is not good for your health.

Tip # 5
Eliminate sweets. You can never lose weight and be on a diet and eat sweets at the same time. Fruits are OK but chocolate and cakes will not help you lose fat.

Fat loss does not happen overnight but with the right habits and persistence, it can happen just in time for summer!

Source by John B. Edwards

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