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10 Ways To Cut Calories and Lose Weight This Holiday Season

There's a reason that New Year's Resolutions often revolve around people trying to lose weight. The majority of the population will gain weight during the months of November and December. Losing weight during this time of year is extremely difficult. We're faced with an onslaught of holiday parties, usually mixed with high caloried foods and drinks. People also find it difficult to exercise during this time because it's often too cold to get outside. If you're like me and have a few pounds to lose this holiday season but are not quite sure how to make it happen, try following these ten tips.

1) Everyone enjoys desserts during this time of year. I would argue that it's okay to enjoy the occasional dessert. Just remember to keep the portions small. If you're making the desserts yourself, try substituting sugar with apple sauce. Apple sauce is lower in calories but will still give your desserts the delicious sweet taste that you're after.

2) Many people find it hard to exercise during this time of year for many reasons. Find a workout partner and schedule at at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Doing both of these things will help hold you accountable. Having a plan makes following through much easier.

3) Eat a small, healthy meal before you go to a party. Studies have shown that you will eat fewer calories if you are not hungry when you get to the party.

4) If you're planning on consuming alcohol at the holiday party, consider a lower-caloried cocktail. Sugar free cranberry juice mixed with vodka is a delicious alternative to higher caloried drinks such as margaritas, mojitos, and beer.

5) Get away from the table! You're at the party to mingle with friends and family. Often, we get stuck talking around the table. Make a conscience decision to move the conversation away from the food. By doing so, you will not be so tempted to keep picking at food that you do not want. Not doing so will lead to you eating several hundred (or more) calories without even thinking about it.

6) If you're hosting a holiday party at your house, encourage guests to take food home with them. I recently learned this the hard way after hosting a holiday party at my house. I had planned on having one night of indulging in food that I do not normally eat. However, all the guests left their food and I found myself picking at the leftovers for several days. Avoid the trap by getting the food out of your house as quickly as possible.

7) If you're going to a party, plan on taking a healthy appetizer. A veggie tray is a great way to enjoy a low-caloried snack while still getting to enjoy the party.

8) While you're at that party, fill your plate with mostly healthy food that you bought. Reserve only a small portion of the plate for higher caloried foods.

9) Offices across the country are stuffing their employees full of delicious, yet extremely unhealthy food this time of year. Plan on taking your own lunch every day throughout the rest of the year. If there is an office luncheon, go and hangout with your coworkers and friends and eat the food that you bought from home.

10) Hold yourself accounting by weighing in often. If you're losing weight, great, you've been following the nine tips listed above! If not, well, you know what you need to do to get that extra weight off.

There are many ways you can lose weight this holiday season. It's not always easy, but losing weight and feeling good about yourself is always worth the sacrifice.

Source by Steve C Weinstein

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